Welcome in section for new memberships

Dear new members,

on behalf of the staff of the Slovak division, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to IVAO. You will be part of the most realistic virtual air traffic simulation available. I'm sure like most aviation enthusiasts, you can't wait to check in and take off for the first time. But are you ready for it? Do you know your plane? Do you know how to communicate with air traffic controllers (ATC)? When you joined as an ATC, do you know the procedures? Can you tell what's on your radar?

If you answered „No“ or „not quite“ to these questions, I would recommend that you first read and study the available documents that will help you how to do it… Good preparation before your first flight will ensure a pleasant experience for all users, both by reducing stress and also by reducing the frustration of other members.

For most members, the main reason for choosing IVAO over other networks is based on its mission: „The mission of IVAO ( The International Virtual Aviation Organization ) is to provide an environment for a realistic Flight and Air Traffic Control simulation via the internet, utilizing IVAN ( International Virtual Aviation Network ) without charging money and available to anyone who agrees with the membership requirements“. (translation: The goal of IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization) is to provide an environment for realistic simulation of flights and airspace management over the Internet and the use of IVAN (International Virtual Aviation Network) free of charge, which is available to all who agree to the terms of membership.) Well, our motto is: As Real As It Gets

It is true! You are here to experience a realistic flight environment… so it is better to be prepared. As they say in aviation: „a good landing starts with a good approach“.

First of all, if you are a pilot, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your aircraft before going online. For example, MS Flight Simulator includes a very rich training section, which is enough to teach you the basics of flying. When you install IvAp, which allows you to connect to the IVAO server, it is very important that you also read its manual in order to better understand how it works. Most members will be happy to help you in case of any problems, but keep in mind that they also want to fly above all and not to repeat things that you should have studied before joining.

A controller who has a quiet and boring evening with no planes on his radar screen will also be happy to help you when you can't deal with a given problem, but a controller who is busy managing traffic doesn't have time to explain the basics of filling out a flight plan. He is there to drive! Right after you learn how to prepare for your flight, or understand how to orient yourself on the radar screen, it's time to look at this page or visit our forum to help you get what you need to know with the assistance of a community united by passion for aviation. After your first lessons, you can request practical training or exams that will move you to higher ranks…

On Tuesday at 19:00 (LOC) is the time when the „Slovak Online Evening“ is organized. At this time, pilots and ATC meet online in a concentrated amount, so do not hesitate, join and enjoy the experience of flying under the control of virtual ATC together with other people who fell into this fantastic hobby.

Thanks again for choosing IVAO, welcome aboard!