Help / FAQ

Please, read the following lines before contacting any IVAO Slovak division staff member.

1. Registration / Log-in

You have to register if you wish to participate on SK DIV activities like events or tours that must be reported in our report system.

3 entries are required for registration: VID (your number received after registration at, name and surname. Any other entries, including e-mail, are optional.

Why to register also your e-mail address?

If you register your e-mail address, you can subscribe to news feed, event reminders and any other information about SK DIV in the future. Your e-mail address will not be public.

You will be automatically logged in after successful registration. After logging off by clicking on Log-out in user menu, you can log in again after clicking on Log-in.

ATTENTION: Make registration only when you are registered as a member of IVAO NETWORK and you have your own VID number. If you are not a member of IVAO NETWORK, make registration on the web site DO NOT try to make registration with invalid or false data. Accounts made this way will be blocked.

2. User menu

Before logging in there are 3 items in user menu:

  • Log in – opens log-in form.
  • Registration – opens registration form.
  • Lost password – opens form to request new password.

After logging in you will find these items in user menu:

  • My content
  • Add content
  • Change password
  • My profile
  • Log-out

2.1 My content

After clicking on this link a page with a content list created by user opens. User can create following content: blog and photo album.

2.2 Add content

Add content creates a content user page. Members can write a blog or create a photo album.

2.3 Password change

If you need to change your password for any reason, you will find the form at this page.

2.4 My profile

At My profile page you can change your data and also add your contact information, or to allow other users to see your e-mail address.

You can also activate your newsletter or event reminder here.

3. Report system

After logging in you can report your tour flights and event flights. In IVAO Slovakia menu you will find following items:

  • Active tours
  • Active events

3.1 Tour legs reporting

After opening Active tours page you will find Leg lists of all tours. After clicking on this link the leg list opens and if you are logged in, icon for reporting current leg appears.

An hourglass icon will appear after sending your report which means your report was sent and is waiting for validation.

A thumbs-up icon will appear after validating your leg without any reservation. If your leg is validated with a reservation, thumbs-up icon with a small exclamation mark will appear.

If your leg will not be validated, a thumbs-down icon with report icon will appear to re-fly the leg and report it again.

3.2 Event legs reporting

After opening Active events page you can report your legs in the same way as by tour legs reporting.

If some events do not have previously assigned legs, then you have to send so called Free report. Members should fill in necessary information and send the report. Users will see their sent reports history by repeated events such as Online Evening (Day).

Validation is the same as by tours.

4. Photo albums

4.1 Creation

Photo albums can be created in user menu after logging in by clicking on Add content and then by choosing the Photo album option. After opening the form choose the category of your photo album, add its title (e.g. IFR tour 2012 flights), and eventually add the description. Then you can save your photo album.

Note: Do not create new albums for any sole picture. You can add any number of pictures to your photo album.

4.2 Pictures uploading

Choose Edit photo album (pencil icon). After form reopening you can add a file from your hard drive.

Choose JPG picture file and click on Upload. Picture appears in a table over the upload command. You can upload next picture by choosing the file from your hard drive and clicking on Upload. Picture will be added to the list.

After uploading all of your pictures you can add a description to the fields next to the picture and arrange them according to the priority – by changing their numerical order. Save the form after adding the descriptions.

Note: Add descriptions or change the order only after you have finished uploading or deleting pictures.